Welcome to Mexico City, the TACO capital of the world.

Get ready to have a blast of a time and indulge yourself with the best Mexican tacos and mezcales in town.

Celebrate Mexican Food at the best “taquerias” (taco venues) in Mexico City. As representative as the mariachis, the tacos are, without doubt, the most popular food in Mexico.

Their great fame has crossed the borders turning them into one of the most important symbols of Mexican Food.

A taco is simply made of tortilla, filling, and salsa, the Holy Trinity of Mexico.

There are even tacos that are considered part of Mexican haute cuisine.

In Mexico the one who knows about the best taco places, also known as taquerias, has the respect of his friends and family, it’s the one who really knows what really matters. Prepare for a journey to become a taco master.

After your taco tour, engage in a unique experience with an artisan mezcal producer, also known as Maestro Mezcalero. He will share his knowledge and secrets about mezcal with you from its origins to the best way to drink it. Feel free to ask him everything you’ll like to know about this now so popular beverage around the world.

Don’t miss this epic adventure

  Tours available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

   Great for food and drinks lovers.

  Reduced groups.

   Experiences happen rain, shine or snow. Please dress accordingly.

  Restrooms available during the experience.

  Vegetarian substitutions are available. Notify us of SERIOUS allergies or aversions.

What to expect from tacos & mezcal tour?


Tasting Locations

*These locations may vary.
**We have alternatives for people with special diet restrictions.



Duration: 3hrs

When: Tuesday to Saturday, all year round




Prices shown in USD do not include tax or booking fees. All sales are final and non-refundable. Tickets must be purchased by 9am for today’s tour(s).


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